Practice Links

PreAMP'd Tunes

Twist and Shout (link not available)

Surfin' USA (link not available)

Crocodile Rock

Wipe Out 

(and the  3  combined songs)

Links for Everyone

Appalachian Snowfall

Final Countdown

Smoke On The Water

AMP'd Tunes

Best of AABA

Willy Wonka

Rolling Stones

Born To Be Wild (link not available)

Jump, Jive, Wail (link not avail.)

Beatles (link not available)

Bohemian Rhapsody (link not avail.)

The Mountain

Land of A Thousand Dances

Latin Gold (link not avail.)

Cake by the Ocean

Shipping Up To Boston

Extreme Music Downloads

Click on a file to download.




Washington Square Park


Devils Nightmare


and all of the AMP'd Selections.